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Most precious essence of the planet Earth is water. Pure water is one of the most limited resources. As a responsible organization we are using many practices to optimize the usage of water by;

 Rain Water Harvesting
We have the capability to store rain water by the use of underground tanks which has a capacity of 80ton which is been used to facilitate the production all the time. Which in turn help us minimize the general supply of water by 40%.

 Water recycling
Installed three water recycling units which uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology for efficient purification up to 99% of total dissolved solids or salinity to produce safe, pure, and clean water. ETP outlet water recycling unit have capacity 8m3/h and it is facilitate to recycle more than 70% of the ETP outlet water and also collected rain water. That is the preparation we do for stocked water prior to production.

 Waste Water Treatment
We have Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) which is pretty much sufficient to recycle all the waste-water generated from our production (equal production 500,000 grosses/ month). We as a responsible supplier continuously monitor by analyzing samples on all parameters such as BOD, COD, pH, DO, TSS, etc.


Saving the energy is a valuable investment for our future. At T&S Buttons (Bangladesh), we take lot of care in optimizing the natural light thus reducing the carbon foot print through variety of projects. As a reputed organization our ultimate aim is to “go green” we are so much passionate to save energy from every possible ways.


Over 60% of the outer walls of the building consists of low E glass that facilitates the use of 90% natural light to the operation floor. This enables the plant to operate with zero or minimal amount of artificial lighting across the year, which helps save energy consumption and the harmful impact to the environment.

Further, special glass used in the facility helps cut down harmful solar rays (UV rays) that could affect the wellbeing of our employees.


Industry related air pollution continuously supports the global warming. It is a responsibility of every organization to minimize the emission of gases to the environment. We have invested extensively in latest technologies to help us control this process.

 Exhaust gas neutralizing
All the exhaust gases released from the electro plating process are neutralized and purified through four gas neutralizing units. These units purify the air before it is released to environment.